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Photography Expert

Hey Guys!

My name is Jonny Rogers and I am a photographer based in London.

I have been shooting for 5 years and have gained a professional standpoint through
specialising in Urban Landscape, Landscapes and Product Collaboration work,
through frequently venturing outside the city to see what I can find!

My passion for photography as well as partnered up with many companies, has
enabled me to travel to different countries throughout the world.

Each location which I have discovered has opened a new perspective and it is my greatest gift to share the moments I have seen with you through the finalised product of my

If you are interested in my work, check out the store, where you could get your
very own JPR print for your wall!

Consumer satisfaction is of uttermost importance to me, every print is a result of
many hours of dedication through the initial shot all the way to post-production.

The prints are offered at a reasonable price and I am fully confident you will be
satisfied with your purchase, or your money back guaranteed.

If you like my work, don’t be a stranger! I always love to talk and meet new
people. Check out my social media pages and get in touch!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you find what you are looking for!

Jonny Rogers

Instagram – jpr.photos
Facebook — Jonny Rogers